Removing Duplicates from an Excel File


I have an excel file with following data (dummy)


I am reading this file and storing the result in a Set so that duplicates can be removed and I only get unique list. Below is the what I tried

FileInputStream file = new FileInputStream(new File(“C:\\Users\\harshita.sethi\\Desktop\\ALLOT010T_Input_Keywords.xls”));

HSSFWorkbook w = new HSSFWorkbook(file);

HSSFSheet sheet = w.getSheetAt(0);

int totalrows = sheet.getLastRowNum();


String[][] data = new String[totalrows+1][sheet.getRow(0).getPhysicalNumberOfCells()];

Set<String[]> keySet = new HashSet<>();

for (int i = 0; i <= totalrows; i++) {

for (int j = 0; j < sheet.getRow(0).getPhysicalNumberOfCells(); j++) {

HSSFCell cell = sheet.getRow(i).getCell(j);

// writing keywords from excel into a hashmap





Iterator<String[]> iterator = keySet.iterator();

System.out.println(“Output Set is as below”);


String[] next =;

System.out.println(next[0] + “\t”+ next[1] +"\t"+next[2]);


The output of this code is as shown below

Output Set is as below

d  b  c

e  b  c

a  b  c

d  b  c

d  b  c

g  b  c

e  b  c

f  b  c

d  b  c

The set didn’t remove the duplicate. What other approach can I used to eliminate these duplicates. Any column can have different or same value. So I cannot remove duplicates based on a particular column

I want the entire row to be unique.

PS: This data is just dummmy. In real scenario I have more columns and any column value can be different which will make the row unique.


Your problem is a typical DISTINCT action. It’s much easier to delete the duplicates in SPL than in Java.



=   file(“d:\\data.xlsx”).importxls()



The SPL script can be easily integrated with a Java application.

Below is the result of executing the SPL script:

A1: Import the Excel file;

A2: Group rows by comparing neighboring ones to remove the duplicates.