Structuring Text Data before Filtering


I have a long list made up of text like this


Language Spoken: Sample

Points: 52600

Lifetime points: 100000

Country: US

Number: 1234

Gender: Male

Status: Activated


I need a way of filtering this list so that only students with higher than 52600 points gets shown. I wanted to know how this could be done in a bat file or some similar solution. I have tried excel but no luck.



Group the text every 8 lines and perform filtering to get groups meeting this condition: the 2nd part of the 3rd member in a group after it is split by the colon should be greater than 52600; and then union the members of those eligible groups. This algorithm involves group operation, order-based operation and structured data computation. You can handle this in SPL effortlessly. Here’s the SPL script:








A1: Read in the text file data.txt, make each line a member and return a sequence;

A2: Group A1’s sequence every 8 members;

A3: Get the Points in the 3rd member in each group from A2’s sequence, convert the value into int type, and select groups where the Points value is greater than 52600;

A4: Union members of A3’s groups.