Getting started with esProc


  • The most concise & efficient structured data processing tool that offers solutions for various scenarios and data sizes;
  • Standalone operation as a desktop tool or from command line execution;
  • Integration-friendly as a Java class library;
  • Serve as a single machine or multi-machine server to provide external service;
  • A middle computing engine that caters to user-defined needs, including heterogeneous data sources & complex computing goals, by configuring JDBC and writing simple SPL scripts.


Get the latest installation package at


We offer installation package for both Windows and Linux. The Windows version has JRE embedded and is ready to use. For Linux or Mac, unzip the package to a directory, configure Java environment, and run the Shell script to start the main screen or service. See How to deploy esProc under Mac to learn more.


Embedded integration

Put integration services package (the 3 basic jars) in the directory holding esProc application (For details, see How to Call an SPL Script in Java). For a Java application, esProc is similar to an embedded database. It executes a SPL script (not SQL) via JDBC.
The integration services package only encapsulates the working class libraries (including text file read and write) for processing existing data. To retrieve data from databases users need to download and deploy appropriate JDBC driver. To get data from a big data platform or other similar products through client-side interface you also need to download and deploy corresponding esProc class libraries (external libraries), besides the proper client-side jars. Get the latest information about esProc external libraries and their related jars at


For users demanding high concurrency and having PB/TBs of data, esProc supports the call of a client-side/server-side SPL script. See How to Call a Remote SPL Script in Java to learn details.

Report data source

esProc can easily integrate with any Java-based reporting tools to serve as a comprehensive data source for report development. Refer to How to Call an SPL Script in BIRT and How to Call an SPL Script in JasperReport to learn more (Take the open source reporting tools as examples).


Free & open-source

The free esProc Community Edition has been released. To use it permanently, users can deploy it on the server and integrate it with Java.

Easy to learn

A crash video course is offered to enable you to solve real-world problems with esProc in one week. After two weeks of learning through our Documentation, you will have a comprehensive understanding about the product and be able to use it skillfully.