Download esProc Latest Version『Release:20200424』



20200424 Update record

  1. Help Documentation update
  2. New option: [Number of Members Displayed for a Sequence] - for controlling the number of members in a sequecne displayed in value viewing area
  3. New feature: Support user-defined color scheme
  4. New option: You can add aggregate column(s) based on a text file/Excel file data source (Data File Tool)
  5. New feature: Load data table into Excel through esProc ODBC
  6. New function: A.field@r(F) - When getting values of a specified field of a sequence, if the return value is a record or record sequence, then go on to loop its members iteratively to get desired values
  7. New function: output@s() - Won’t create a new line using carriage return after the current info is output but continue to print info of the next cell on same line
  8. Improvents on certain features and messages in Data File Tool