Download esProc Community Edition Installation Package

To Users

We want to keep you informed that, after two months’ work, the esProc Community Edition has been realeased (no licence required).
As we need to examine the open-source code again, it will be realeased some time later.

About the Community Edition and our open souce policy, we want you to know that:

Ⅰ. The Community Edition is expected to use the Apache open source license to ensure a free and unrestraint user experience;

Ⅱ. Please note that there may be some modifications in the next version:

  • Multi-zone composite table, distributed computing and cluster table will be made incompatible.
  • The pre-summarization functionallity will be probably moved to the Commercial Edition (cuboid,cgroup).

Ⅲ. esProc IDE will connect to the Raqsoft official website to obtain the latest version update information at the startup. You can manually terminate this operation.

Thanks for your support.



20210811 Update record

  1. New update: Help Documentation;
  2. New feature: Function assit editor;
  3. New button: View long text in value viewing section;
  4. New feature: auto-height when moving a cell upward or downward;
  5. New update: ODBC driver file updated;
  6. New update: Excel add-ins related files updated.

20210811 External Library Guide Update record

  1. New libraries: Salesforce and InfluxDB;
  2. Updates & fixes: Elasticsearch, Redis and zip upadated, and issues fixed;
  3. Upgrades: Hbase, Hdfs, Hive and Spark upgraded;
  4. New feature: Execution will stay when an exit issue appears during multithreaded prediction for YModel library;
  5. New feature & improvement: Improve $regex query and add /^abc$/i format query for Mongo library.