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esProc Edition Description

  1. Two editions of esProc SPL are now offered: Community Edition and Standard Edition. The latter has all features and functonalities of the former.

  2. The Community Edition is open-source, under Apache-2.0 License, and does not provide a ready-to-use installation package . Please download the source code and compile for use by yourself.

  3. The Standard Edition provides a dowloadable installation package, is offered for free, and gives no restriction on application range and the number of copies.

  4. The IDE of the the Standard Edition will try to connect to officical website to check for latest version at each startup, which will trigger internet access and can be aborted. There will be no such action in Community Edition.

  5. Features that are uniquelly included in the Standard Edition are:
    —- Excel Add-in
    —- Data File Tool
    —- Script Encryption
    —- (List will be updated any time)

Installation Package of Standard Edition

Source Code of Community Edition


20220601 Update record

  1. Update: Help Documentation
  2. New functionality: Automatically Install Excel Add-in;
  3. New data source: Spring;
  4. New functionality: Remote access to metadata in esProc JDBC;
  5. New functionality: Set parameter value by name in esProc JDBC;
  6. New function: jvm(), which gets information about the current JVM environment;
  7. New function: E(x), which switch between an Excel date/time and a numeric value;
  8. New function: sizeof(), a system- & interface-related function, which calculates the memory space an object occupies when loading proxy class to start JVM;
  9. New parameter syntax: Use ?0 to represent the sequence consisting of all parameters in eval() function and esProc JDBC statement;
  10. New options: @i and @m for func() function;
  11. Modification: Restriction on the length of sheet name string in functions f.xlsexport(), xo.xlsexport(), xo.xlscell()and T().
  12. The original financial functions are all moved to the library.

20220621 External Library Guide Update record

  1. “Mongo external library returning wrong record” error fixed