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20200730 Update record

  1. Update the Help Documentation
  2. New option: Adjust cell ID in comment cell
  3. New function:,v) - which gets property values from node strings
  4. New functions: file(fn:z), - which opens a file in a specified data zone - which opens a composite table file
  5. New function: try -which tries to continue with the execution of a code block
  6. New option: @g option for cs.groupx()function and cs.sortx() function; it enables to segment a cursor and then perform grouping and sorting over each gorup
  7. New option: @a option for f.xlsexport()function and xo.xlsexport() function; it enables to an append according to the current format when the target file exists
  8. New option: @a option for T.append() function; it enables a merge-style append of the cursor records to a patch file
  9. New option: @x option for invoke() function; it converts a sequence type parameter or return value when the function calls a static function
  10. New option: @t option for, A.groups() function and function; it returns an empty table sequence with data structure when the original table sequence is empty