7.10 Calculate using adjacent row/interval when data of the same group is continuous (link relative ratio and YOY)


Here below is an annual and quarterly sales data table:


Now we want to calculate LRR and YOY (calculate in cell D1):

1 =E(‘A1:C21’)
2 =A1.(Sales-Sales[-1])
3 =A1.group(Year)
4 =A3.(~.(Sales-A3.~[-1](#).Sales)).conj()
5 return A2.new(~:LinkRelative,A4(#):YOY)

A2: Calculate LRR, [-1] represents the previous row.
A3: Group by Year.
A4: Calculate YOY. The symbol ~ represents the current member in the loop function, and # represents the sequence number of current member in loop function.