esProc SPL Editions and Commercial & Service Policies


Ⅰ Editions

  1. Community Edition

  2. Enterprise Edition
    Besides having all features and functionalities the CommunityEdition has, this edition also offers:

    Data Maintenance Tool;
    Code encryption functionality;
    High Performance Core: including columnar pure table and cursor and in-memory columnar table;
    Cluster Monitor;
    Pseduo Table/Metadata Editor(in progress)
    DQL Server/Schema Designer(in progress)
    Remote debugging

Ⅱ Commercial policy

  1. Community Edition
    Uses Apache2.0 license and is free on the condition that users conform to the license terms.

  2. Enterprise Edition
    Is closed-source and decompiling it is not permitted;
    Can be downloaded for trial use, but should be purchased for commercial use; make sure that you read through the license agreement after installation is finished.

Ⅲ Service policy

  1. Now, we offer free, remote regular technical supports through RaqForum and Email to all users.

  2. We offer maintenance service to Enterprise Edition users to help ensure software reliability by quickly dealing with bugs and upgrade issues. Community Edition users can only follow the official releases and updates.

  3. We offer advanced support service to help users design their own application frameworks. The service focuses on high-performance framework design and POC. We will charge a fee based on the amount and complexity of work.

Ⅳ Contact us

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