Download esProc Latest Version『Release:20231208』

esProc Edition Description

  1. Two editions of esProc SPL have been released: Community Edition and Enterprise Edition.

  2. The Community Edition is open-source. Users need to download the source code and compile it for use.

  3. Find differences of these editions, and our support and commercial policies HERE .

  4. The IDEs of Enterprise Edition will try to connect to the official website to find the latest version at each startup. This will trigger internet access and can be aborted. No such action for Community Edition.

Community Edition

Enterprise Edition


20231208 Community Edition Update record

  1. Help Documentation updated;
  2. Improvement: Add GC parameter configuration to JVM parameters;
  3. New option: s.regex@w(rs,rpls), which finds whether the whole string matches the regular expression;
  4. New option: output@g1234(x,…), which configures log level when outputting data to a log file;
  5. New option: T.update@y/T.append@y(), which updates a pseudo table or apends data to the memory;
  6. New function: A.cumulate(), which computes sum of members of a sequence;
  7. New function: A.proportion(), which computes the proportion of each member of a sequence;
  8. New function: x.nodes@r(Fi,…), which expands the refencing field through multilevel recursion;
  9. New option: T.index@w(f:h,w;C,…;F,…), which optimizes the process of creating a full-text index for an entity table;
  10. New function: transpose(A), which handles transpositon on the matrix that have empty members;
  11. Improvement: Optimize【Find/Replace in the File】functionality and allow users to open the target script file by clicking it.

20231208 Enterprise Edition Update record

  1. Help Documentation updated;
  2. New feature: DQL search.

20240115 External Library Guide Update record

  1. Update: S3 external library
  2. New external library:GCS external library