Unknown expression: mongo_open.


I tried to use esProc for running MongoDB queries. When I downloaded esProc, the appropriate driver for MongoDB has not existed. I tried to use the “dbschema” Mongodb driver and it connected successfully. Then, I wrote these commands but some exception was thrown.


the error:

Error in cell A1
Unknown expression: mongo_open.


com.raqsoft.common.RQException: Error in cell A1
Unknown expression: mongo_open
at com.raqsoft.expression.UnknownSymbol.calculate(Unknown Source:175)
at com.raqsoft.expression.SeriesMember.calculate(Unknown Source:59)
at com.raqsoft.expression.Expression.calculate(Unknown Source:107)
at com.raqsoft.cellset.datamodel.PgmNormalCell.calculate(Unknown Source:153)
at com.raqsoft.cellset.datamodel.PgmCellSet._$3(Unknown Source:1993)
at com.raqsoft.cellset.datamodel.PgmCellSet.runNext(Unknown Source:2098)
at com.raqsoft.ide.dfx.IlIIIlIllllIllII.run(Unknown Source:1423)

How can I get the appropriate MongoDB driver for esProc?
How can I run MongoDB commands?