Download esProc Latest Version『Release:20240201』

esProc Edition Description

  1. Two editions of esProc SPL have been released: Community Edition and Enterprise Edition.

  2. The Community Edition is open-source. Users need to download the source code and compile it for use.

  3. Find differences of these editions, and our support and commercial policies HERE .

  4. The IDEs of Enterprise Edition will try to connect to the official website to find the latest version at each startup. This will trigger internet access and can be aborted. No such action for Community Edition.

Community Edition

Enterprise Edition


20240201 Community Edition Update record

  1. Help Documentation updated;
  2. New functionality: “Zoom to” functionality in IDE gridline area and panel area;
  3. New function: Support using conca andvar aggregate operations in groups function;
  4. New option: Add SCR and dense reanking options for both function and A.ptop function;
  5. New feature: Support more return result type for invocation and execution of system commands by SPL; the corresponding function options are system@o/@a;
  6. New function: xo.xlsmove(), which moves one or more worksheets in an Excel file;
  7. New syntax: #@, which is the COUNT item in a cell expression;
  8. New function: x.nodes@r, which expands the referencing field with multilevel recursion.

20240201 Enterprise Edition Update record

  1. Help Documentation updated;
  2. New featur: AZURE remote storage type;
  3. New featur: NFS remote storage type;
  4. New featur: HDFS remote storage type;
  5. New functionality: WEB remote script debugging;

20240308 External Library Guide Update record

  1. New external library:OSS external library