1 SPL Understanding


esProc SPL, a data analysis engine reducing application cost by N times
A programming language coding in a grid
Understand SPL in three aspects
Q&A of esProc Architecture

Big Data

Data warehouse running on file system
Lightweight big data processing technology
Data warehouse without using SQL

Hadoop/Spark is too heavy, esProc SPL is light
Why Big Data Platforms Return to SQL?
Is distributed technology the panacea for big data processing?
The performance problems of data warehouse and solutions
How the performance improvement by orders of magnitude happened
Why batch jobs are so difficult?

Data warehouse with “no house” performs better than the one with “the house”
How to solve TP database overload problem? Using AP database is not as good as using SPL
With lightweight SPL available, how necessary is MPP?

Is It Necessary to Use a Specialized In-Memory Database?
How to implement an efficient logical data warehouse? Try SPL!
Does stream computing need a framework? SPL may be a better choice

HTAP database cannot handle HTAP requirements
The current Lakehouse is like a false proposition
The Data Lake’s Impossible Triangle


DCM: A New Member of Middleware Family
SPL: The Open-source Java Library to Process Structured Data

Goodbye, Stored Procedures - the Love/Hate Thing
Data business in applications: Java or SQL?

Open-source SPL Makes Microservices More “Micro”
SPL: The Sharpest Tool for Handling Post-SQL Computations

Open-source SPL that can execute SQL without RDB
Which Tool Is Ideal for Diverse Source Mixed Computations
Computing engine on open-format files
Handling Excel Files in Java: From POI to SPL
Computing engine on WEB
From JSONPath and XPath to SPL
The Open-source SPL Boosts MongoDB Computing Ability

What to use for data preparation in report, query or analysis business?
The Open-source SPL Optimizes Report Application and Handles Endless Report Development Needs
Create Easy and Efficient T+0 Queries with Open-source SPL

The significance of open computing ability from the perspective of SPL
Open-source SPL: The Breaker of Closed Database Computing System
Data storing using file or database, which is more suitable?

Why ETL Becomes ELT or Even LET?
Open-source SPL Eliminates Tens of Thousands of Intermediate Tables from Databases
Routable computing engine implements front-end database

esProc SPL, the challenger of SQLite
Interpreting Low-Code from the perspective of open-source SPL

Cloud Computing

SPL Cloud Data Warehouse
Scudata SPL Cloud

Language Comparison

SPL: a database language featuring easy writing and fast running
Why a SQL Statement Often Consists of Hundreds of Lines, Measured by KBs?
What can we do while facing the huge difficulty of writing too long, multiple-level nested SQL codes?
The impasse of SQL performance optimizing
What should we do when SQL (and stored procedure) runs too slowly?

SQL is consuming the lives of data scientists
Is SPL more difficult or easier than SQL?
Can SPL and SQL be integrated?

Competition of data processing languages on JVM: Kotlin, Scala and SPL
Java or SQL, which is faster for data operation?
Using Java/Python in place of stored procedure for batch jobs?
Two major shortcomings of Python in enterprise applications

Data Preparation Script: Python Pandas OR esProc SPL?
Comparison between SPL and Python in processing structured data

Business Intelligence

Are Wide Tables Fast or Slow?
The “Female Manager’s Male Subordinates” Problem That Frustrates All BI Tools

Artificial Intelligence

How far is SPL from vector database?

Although AI modeling & predicting in Python is popular, SPL is also a good alternative to get started

10 lines of code to achieve handwritten digit recognition

Can’t afford large models, small models are also useful
The ‘Artificial’ in Artificial Intelligence