Download esProc Latest Version『Release:20190925』



20190925 Update record

  1. Help Documentation update
  2. New functionality: ZIP external library for compressing and decompressing a file
  3. New functionality: Yiming “EasyMine” AI Model external library for building a predictive model
  4. Update (Hive external library): Improvement - solve the problem resulted from different ways of loading Hive and loading the classpath
  5. “Output” moves to the Result set area in the right lower part of the main screen
  6. The primary key marked by a special icon will be displayed in “Value view section” on the right of the main screen
  7. New option: “Reopen file” under “Files” - To refresh the current working file
  8. New option: “New ETL” under “Files” - To guide users to create a composite table file as fast as possible
  9. New barcode types: Code 128A, Code 128B, Code 128C