SPL Understanding


Efficient data analysis engine

SPL: a database language featuring easy writing and fast running
Why Big Data Platforms Return to SQL?

What can we do while facing the huge difficulty of writing too long, multiple-level nested SQL codes?
Why a SQL Statement Often Consists of Hundreds of Lines, Measured by KBs?

What should we do when SQL (and stored procedure) runs too slowly?
The impasse of SQL performance optimizing
How the performance improvement by orders of magnitude happened

ClickHouse is fast, esProc SPL is faster
Hadoop/Spark is too heavy, esProc SPL is light
Is distributed technology the panacea for big data processing?

Is SPL more difficult or easier than SQL?
Can SPL and SQL be integrated?
The performance problems of data warehouse and solutions


Why batch jobs are so difficult?
The significance of open computing ability from the perspective of SPL
Routable computing engine implements front-end database

HTAP database cannot handle HTAP requirements
The current Lakehouse is like a false proposition

The Data Lake’s Impossible Triangle
The Open-source SPL Redefines OLAP Server
SPL Cloud Data Warehouse


How to make JOIN run faster?
How does the in-memory database bring memory’s advantage into play?
How to make the columnar storage data warehouse more efficient
Speed up Big Data User Behavior Analysis using Bi-dimension Ordering Structure
How to cope with high-concurrency account query?
What is the key to make the multi-tag user profile analysis run faster?
Why Are There So Many Snapshot Tables in BI Systems?
The ways to make pre-aggregation in multi-dimensional analysis effective
Why does wide table prevail?
How to implement fast multi-index calculation
How to speed up funnel analysis of e-commerce system
The significance of ordered storage for high performance

Data computing middleware

Open-source SPL that can execute SQL without RDB
Open-source SPL Helps JAVA Handle Files of Open Formats (txt/csv/json/xml/xls)

Which Tool Is Ideal for Diverse Source Mixed Computations
The Open-source SPL Boosts MongoDB Computing Ability
From JSONPath and XPath to SPL
Open-source SPL: The Sharp Tool for Processing Retrieved Webservice/Restful Data
Handling Excel Files in Java: From POI to SPL

Competition of data processing languages on JVM: Kotlin, Scala and SPL
SPL: The Open-source Java Library to Process Structured Data
From Stream to Kotlin and Finally to SPL
Can Stream and Kotlin Replace SQL in Java Applications?

Open-source SPL Rings down the Curtain on ORM
Technologies for development of data business logic in Java: Hibernate and SPL
Technologies for development of data business logic in Java: JOOQ and SPL
SPL: The Sharpest Tool for Handling Post-SQL Computations

Java Embedded Data Engine: From SQLite to SPL
Data processing engine embedding in Java: esproc SPL, a Competitor of SQLite


DCM: A New Member of Middleware Family
Goodbye, Stored Procedures - the Love/Hate Thing
Beyond ORM and Stored Procedures

Open-source SPL Makes Microservices More “Micro”
Interpreting Low-Code from the perspective of open-source SPL

Create Easy and Efficient T+0 Queries with Open-source SPL
The Open-source SPL Optimizes Report Application and Handles Endless Report Development Needs
What to use for data preparation in report, query or analysis business?

Open-source SPL: The Breaker of Closed Database Computing System
Why ETL Becomes ELT or Even LET?
Open-source SPL Eliminates Tens of Thousands of Intermediate Tables from Databases

Data storing using file or database, which is more suitable?
Why Are Databases Faster Than Text Files?

Desktop data analysis and processing

A correct method for complete novice to self-study of programming
How do beginners learn SQL quickly?
Comparison between SPL and Python in processing structured data