2 SPL learning materials (updated)


【Book&Course 】

SPL Programming - Preface

SPL CookBook

【Data source】

SPL:Reading and Writing Database Data
SPL: translating SQL across databases
SPL: parallel data retrieval skill
SPL: data dump
Reading and Writing Structured Text Files in SPL
SPL: reading, writing, and parsing of unstructured text
SPL:Reading and Writing Excel Files
SPL: operation on the directory of a file
SPL: Reading and Writing JSON Data
SPL: Reading and Writing XML Data
SPL: access to HTTP/WebService/Restful service

【File operations】

SPL general table operations
Samples of Merging and Splitting Files
Samples of Comparing Files
Sample Programs of Performing Distinct on a File
SQL Query over File Examples
Sample Programs of Structuralizing Excel Files
Samples of Generating Various Excel Files
Samples of Processing Big Text File

【Operational logic】

General SQL-style Operations in SPL
General SQL-style Operations on Cursors in SPL
SPL: Text Handling
SPL: Date, Time and Datetime Handling
SPL: taking the record of maximum values/maximum values in group
SPL: recounting after obtaining a grouped subset
SPL: TopN and TopN in group
SPL: selecting data by segment
SPL: grouping & aggregation
SPL: adjacent record reference
SPL: order-related grouping
SPL: grouping and sorting aligned by a specified criterion
SPL: grouping and sorting aligned by sequence number
SPL: grouping by enumeration criteria
SPL: Recursively Search Referenced Records
SPL: Set Operations

The Select Operation on Structured Data
Loop Computations
Accessing Members of a Structured Data Set by Sequence Numbers
Locate Operation on Ordered Sets
Alignment Operations between Ordered Sets
“Top N” Queries on Structured Data
Existence Checking for Structured Data
Membership Test for Structured Data
Non-basic Aggregation Examples
Handling Alignment Grouping

【Call SPL in applications】

How to Call an SPL Script in Java
How to Call a Remote SPL Script in Java
How to Call an SPL Script in C#
How to Call an SPL Script using HTTP Service
How to Call an SPL Script in BIRT
How to Call an SPL Script in JasperReport
How to Call an SPL Script in Python
SPL: integrated with Kettle
esProc Boot Time Auto-Start Service
SPL: Invoking Java Functions
SPL: User-defined Functions
How to Call a Python Program from SPL
Spring Cloud integrate SPL to implement microservices
Integrate SPL in Android apps

【High-performance algorithm】

SQL Performance Enhancement: IN Operator in WHERE Clause
SQL Performance Enhancement: Segmentation-based Grouping & Aggregation
SQL Performance Enhancement: TopN and Intra-group TopN
SQL Performance Enhancement: DISTINCT & COUNT(DISTINCT) on Big Data
SQL Performance Enhancement: Big Table Associations on the Primary Key
SQL Performance Enhancement: Multiple Grouping & Aggregate Operations on a Big Table
SQL Performance Enhancement: Select the Earliest Records in each Group
SQL Performance Enhancement: Count N Earliest Events in each Group
SQL Performance Enhancement: Conversion Funnel Analysis
SQL Performance Enhancement: Binary Flag
SQL Performance Enhancement: Queries on Highly Concurrent Accounts

Learn performance optimization skills from TPCH tests
Performance optimization skill: Reuse of traversing result to speed up multiple grouping
Performance optimization skill:TopN
Performance optimization skill: Pre-Joining
Performance optimization skill: Pre-Joining of Dimensions
Performance optimization skill: Numbered Foreign Key
Performance optimization skill: For Dimension Table Filtering & Computation
Performance optimization skill: Order-based MERGE
Performance optimization skill: Order-based Targeted MERGE
Performance optimization skill: Attached Table
Performance optimization skill: Joining Small Fact Data and Big Dimension Data
Performance optimization skill: Joining Big Fact Data and Big Dimension Data
Performance optimization skill: orderly grouping
Performance Optimization: Group by the Second Sorting Field
Performance Optimization: When Data Set Is Already Ordered by First Sorting Field